make good decisions.

Jed Taylor

Data Analysis, Strategy and Consumer Intelligence.Making the most of a near-lifelong Wikipedia addiction, insatiable curiosity, and a natural knack for distilling and making complex ideas understood, my work focuses on how to create information that is truly useful. In short, I specialise in helping you to make good decisions, decisions that will have a lasting impact and acknowledge that most challenges in the real world are complex, and thus require more than just numbers, models, expertise or intuition alone.Please see some selected examples of my work below.

Get Stamped

With high inflation a prominent theme of 2022 and 2023, this partnership aimed to help London-based rubber stamp maker Get Stamped optimise their pricing structures by giving them a bird's-eye-view of pricing across their category.

Plymouth Council

In 2019 Plymouth City Council commissioned a pilot study to test whether motion sensor data could play a role in how parks are managed. My analysis of this data was eventually used to inform future plans beyond the pilot phase.

The Road To Athens

Marathon training is supposed to be hard, but perhaps it can be made a little easier with data? Having collected months of self-reported and Garmin-derived data on my health and training, optimising the journey towards my first marathon feels like a win-win when it comes to learning new things professionally, and personally.

Some others I've worked with in my previous life: